William Watson, Ph.D., history professor, arrived at Immaculata University in 1998. In that time, he has assembled an office worthy of Smithsonian designation. Pictured are a few interesting items from his office.

In my grandfather’s garage, he had license plates dating back to the 1930s; this is a 1953 license plate from his car.

An old carved pipe from my grandfather’s extensive pipe collection. Now I know where I get my hobby for collecting things!

In my World Civ class we often discuss the Cold War. A few years ago, I found this Cold War-era radiation detector for a fallout shelter.

My grandfather spent his entire career working for the Pennsylvania Railroad, these are just some of the many railroad passes he saved.

This early 1960s fallout shelter survival supplies barrel was found during renovations to Villa Maria Hall in the early 2000s.

One of the original Duffy’s Cut ballcaps with sweat stains from digging at the excavation site with students and volunteers.