By Lydia Szyjka

Many alumni wonder how they can support the University beyond financial donations. A perfect option is the new class agent role, which started prior to the COVID-19 lockdown. Currently, a strong network of over 40 class agents partner to fundraise and foster classmates’ connections to campus. These agents serve as ambassadors of the University and are pivotal to its success.

To find out more about the role and duties of class agents, please email Kathy Freney Smith ’90 at

Let’s meet two exemplary class agents who enjoy the win-win of staying in touch with classmates while serving Immaculata University!

Paul McAndrews ’10, ’15 M.A.
Social Studies Teacher at Phoenixville Area High School

Q: What attracted you to the role of a class agent?

Paul McAndrews

A: I was attracted to this role so that, when I see IU friends out in public, I can talk to them about all the new things that are happening at Immaculata and how they can help. I love having the chance to talk about Immaculata, and being a class agent gave me another avenue to do that. My duties are to assist the University in its various endeavors, from Charter Day of Giving and the awards gala to Reunion. I constantly work to encourage participation in these events and fundraisers.

It is important to encourage involvement and support for IU because the University has given so much to us. I have become the person that I am today because of the education and experiences I had at IU, and I share that with my classmates. That is why I encourage my class to give, at whatever level they can, to demonstrate gratitude for the experiences we went through.

Q: What has been the best part of serving as a class agent?

A: Serving as a liaison between my class and Immaculata and being able to share what is new with the University. I love getting the opportunity to connect with my class at different events throughout the year.

I have been serving as a class agent for the last three years, and I look forward to continuing in that role.

Q: The class of 2010 seemed to be a really tight group – do you still keep in contact with many of your friends and classmates?

A: I do keep in touch with many of my friends and remain friendly with many of my classmates that I run into at various events. I would love to get back in touch with a few members of the great class of 2010. Come out to reunion!

Many of my classmates have growing families and busy careers, so it can be hard for some to find time to attend campus events. Also, some have moved far away, and that can be difficult as well. In my role as a class agent, I will continue to encourage them, and hopefully more will return!

Norma C. Hall Brown ’85
Licensed Optician and Owner/CEO of ProVision CT Eyewear Store

Norma C. Hall Brown

Q. What attracted you to the role of a class agent?

A. About a dozen members of the class of ’85 reconnected during the pandemic and started to chit-chat. We didn’t have a class agent, so I did it because there was a need.

Q. What do you do as a class agent?

A. I keep people posted on things that are happening at Immaculata. My classmates and I update each other on what’s going on in everybody’s lives through Zoom calls, usually every two weeks, with whomever can make it. It’s good!

We went to New York City for our 60th birthday celebration. My classmates Milagros Arana and Denise Janssen spearheaded the weekend trip. We went out for dinner together, saw a Broadway show, went to the 9/11 memorial, attended Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral and went to the U.S. Open.

Q. What is the best part about being a class agent?

A. Connecting and reuniting with my classmates. It’s about showing love toward my classmates. It all trickles down from President Barbara Lettiere, who helps us to have the passion that we have for the school.

Q. Would you encourage other alumni to consider serving in this way?

A. Absolutely! It’s good just to reconnect. There are many ways to give, not just financially, but also with your time and your talents. We all give in those different categories in important ways, whether just one or all three.