​Ellie Loose, the president of the class of 2023, is a history and secondary education major. Her outstanding leadership skills have led our campus through some tough times in the past few years in the wake of the pandemic. The following Q&A provides some useful insights to help us understand what Immaculata has meant to her.

Q: What was your favorite activity you’ve been involved with on campus and why?

A: Cue and Curtain. It’s the University’s oldest organization and embodies the vibes here very well. It places a heavy emphasis on things like community and opportunity, and I felt at home there.

Q: What’s your favorite show Cue and Curtain has done?

A: “Bright Star.” It’s easy for me to pick this one for the nostalgia of it. This was my first experience with Cue and Curtain—pre-pandemic. It was awesome meeting everyone and finding my fit. This past semester with “Newsies,” Cue and Curtain came back stronger than ever, and it was one of the best shows IU has ever seen!

Q: What was it about IU that called you here?

A: The sense of community. You definitely get the feel when you come here that IU is a special place. When my tour guide mentioned to me that students here care about one another, that rang true.

Q: How has IU changed you?

A: I’ve blossomed and grown into my role as a leader. My time here has allowed me to home in on that skill and become more considerate and empathetic to those I lead. On top of that I’ve fine-tuned my strongest qualities as a leader, such as conflict mediation and taking initiative.

Q: Which activity at IU has done the most for you?

A: Being an RA. I was head RA, and in the past few years, the planning, coordination and effort that go into jobs like this are what teach you what it’s like to be a part of the community here. When you’re placed in difficult situations like this role, you end up learning a lot about yourself and your environment.

Q: How have you enjoyed working in Residence Life and Housing (RLH)?

A: RLH was a really unique place to work. I loved that you got opportunities to take initiative and that you were encouraged to apply your own personal twists to things. On top of this, my favorite part about working in RLH was meeting people and getting to know everyone on campus.

Q: What’s your favorite location on campus and why will you miss it?

A: The library! I was always in there. It gave all of us so much to work with, a nice talking floor for casual work, two floors for total quiet where you can do your super intense work, and really helpful resources like the career center and writing center. I had my own spot I always went to every time when I really needed to focus, and it was always very comforting and relaxing to be there.

Q: What is your proudest accomplishment as a student leader?

A: Cotillion 2021! In my first semester as president, I was tasked with planning the dance while we were still coming out of COVID-19. Lingering COVID regulations made it almost impossible for us to host the event inside without masks, so we had to change things around and ended up hosting cotillion in a tent in parking lot C. The event was a huge success, and people had a really amazing time. It was an important milestone for me because of how many people congratulated me on how well it went, from the administration to other students.

Q: How has IU changed since you arrived here?

A: We’ve had to work a lot harder at encouraging participation and keeping campus culture alive in the wake of COVID-19. Before the pandemic, I wasn’t as involved as I became after we came back, because I noticed that socialization here had become so different after isolation from COVID. We were no longer making the connections we used to make and maintain, because we were so fragmented by the pandemic. This wasn’t unique to Immaculata at all; we saw it everywhere. Since it’s something that interrupted the middle of my class’s experience here, I’d say we all still see the effects of it. This is why I was so inspired to be a part of student leadership and help build back that community feeling. IU has shown me that community can withstand anything, and it is important that we work together to maintain our community here.

Q: What’s something you wish you had done in your time here, or something you wish you did more of?

A: I wish I took more diverse courses. The liberal arts core is important, and I wish I cared more about these things when I first arrived. I think these classes help you understand life in a way that standard academic courses don’t show you, and I wish I cherished them more. I did a lot here and branched out and met many people, but I always like to think I could have done more.

Q: Do you have anything to share with your fellow seniors as you go out into the world?

A: Life is going to throw a lot at you. You’re going to have to make decisions people won’t agree with. People will always have expectations for you, but you need to do what you want to. You have to do what you think is right for you, even if that means standing up to others. You can’t live your life based on the expectations of others. What’s most important is standing up for what you believe in.