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Alumni Class Notes

Man and woman

Alumni gathering On the Road in Chatham, MA


Class of 1948, plan to join us for your 75th Reunion on April 29, 2023. Look for details coming soon.


Class of 1953, plan to join us for your 70th Reunion on April 29, 2023. Look for details coming soon.


Class of 1958, plan to join us for your 65th Reunion on April 29, 2023. Look for details coming soon.


Carol Giannini James shares, “My great-granddaughter, Destiny Howard, will be attending Immaculata in fall 2023, playing softball for the Mighty Macs, and is enrolled in the nursing program.”


Class of 1963, plan to join us for your 60th Reunion on April 29, 2023. Look for details coming soon.


Good fun was had at the Christmas Tea, which is always a lovely event. It was great seeing one another!

Save April 29th, Reunion Day at IU. Although 2023 is not a milestone reunion year for us, we will be attending and encourage you to join us. When possible, we should take advantage of these opportunities to spend time together. For those traveling, our hotel will be The Sheraton Great Valley. Request the IU rate, check the IU website for expiration date on the special rate. Use the IU website to send in your news.

Love From Your Q,
Robie Wright Verostick, Mary Anne Burns Duffy, Rita Bensinger Hartleroad and Kathy Cooper Kulesza

Four women at event

Alumni gathering On the Road in Bethesda, MD


Class of 1968, plan to join us for your 55th Reunion on April 29, 2023. Look for details coming soon.


Class of 1973, plan to join us for your 50th Reunion on April 29, 2023. Look for details coming soon.

Eileen Monahan Chopnick shares that she and Mary Johnson Switkay ’79 recently spoke to the Dietetic Internship class on campus at IU.

Margie Donohue is calling all members of the Class of ’73 to mark their calendars for their 50th Reunion, which takes place on April 29, 2023. Please plan to attend and make sure IU has your updated home and email addresses.


Renee Tomasso Esposito shares, “My granddaughter, Isabella Grace, was born by the grace of God and His Blessed Mother on June 13, 2022. Our family loves her so much. I spend four days a week taking care of her. I love being her grandmom!”


Class of 1978, plan to join us for your 45th Reunion on April 29, 2023. Look for details coming soon.


Class of 1983, plan to join us for your 40th Reunion on April 29, 2023. Look for details coming soon.

Karen DeLucia Matweychuk shares, “Hello to the Class of ’83! Can you believe we will be out 40 years? I hope you will plan to attend our reunion on April 29, 2023. Mark your calendars now and plan to see all the great things happening on the Hill. It is never too late to return and catch up.”


Two women and a man celebrating a birthday

L – R: Sandy Wojtelwicz Freeman, Greg Luzinski and Bernie Andrews Humphrey.

Bernie Andrews Humphrey celebrated her birthday with Greg Luzinski and Sandy Wojtelwicz Freeman this year.

Jeanne Reddington Lloyd shares, “I am greatly saddened to announce the passing of my husband, Fred, on July 5, 2022. We celebrated 33 years of marriage and have two children, James (26) and Charlotte (25).”


Class of 1988, plan to join us for your 35th Reunion on April 29, 2023. Look for details coming soon.

Tanya Amoss Momtahen shares, “My husband and I are married 34 years, and recently moved to Philadelphia. We met when I was an undergrad at IU. We have one son, Sean, who was married in 2021 and lives nearby in Collingswood, NJ. We are happy to live in PA again.”


Class of 1993, plan to join us for your 30th Reunion on April 29, 2023. Look for details coming soon.


Class of 1998, plan to join us for your 25th Reunion on April 29, 2023. Look for details coming soon.


Lisa DeTore Taraschi shares, “My daughter is a senior at Downingtown High. Deciding on colleges for next year. My son plays football at Downingtown High. Life is GOOD!”


Elizabeth Morgan Gill shares, “My husband and I moved into our new house the week our rainbow baby was born. Gregory Edward Gill was born in April 2022. We are having so much fun seeing things for the first time through him.”

Christine Keithly has been promoted by Tower Health to vice president for nursing administration and operations.

Three women with name tags at a  table

Alumni gathered at the Circle of Giving Dinner


Class of 2003, plan to join us for your 20th Reunion on April 29, 2023. Look for details coming soon.


Brian Troop Ed.D. has been named the 2023 Pennsylvania Superintendent of the Year by the Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators (PASA).


Colleen Ciavola M.A. published “Dancing with Housework,” combining her psychology background with her sense of humor to offer motivational and practical housekeeping tips.


Charles McKinney shares, “I will be participating in the newly launched Virtual Educator Program sponsored by the U.S. Department of State.”


Justin Cusick and Megan Messmer

Justin Cusick shares, “I got engaged to my girlfriend, Megan Messmer, in August while visiting Corolla, NC. Megan and I met in 2018 by chance through my IU roommate, Demetri Vlahos ’12 and his wife. I would say that meeting Demetri at IU was definitely a contributing factor for Megan and I crossing paths and arriving at this incredible moment!”

Nicholas Litrenta was promoted to Vice President of Tompkins VIST Bank.

Johnna Weller Ed.D. was named Chief Academic Officer by Learning Care Group.


Class of 2013, plan to join us for your 10th Reunion on April 29, 2023. Look for details coming soon.


Laura Osenbach Ed.D. was named Assistant Superintendent of the Jersey Shore Area School District.


Class of 2018, plan to join us for your 5th Reunion on April 29, 2023. Look for details coming soon.

Amanda Rivas is working as an oncology nurse at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.


Class of 2022, plan to join us for your 1st Reunion on April 29, 2023. Look for details coming soon.

Max Cannon has joined the Anne Arundel County Office of Emergency Management as an Urban Areas Security Initiative Planner.


Elizabeth Morgan Gill ’01, son Gregory Edward born April 2022.

Kevin Moore ’12, son Collin Pearson born December 2022.

Zena Tracey ’12, ’15 M.A., son Ryan born October 2022.

Katiemarie Gale Vottero ’13 and Elijah Vottero ’14, son Donovan James born April 2022.

Three newborn babies.

L-R: Elizabeth Morgan Gill’s son Gregory Edward, Katiemarie Gale Vottero and Elijah Vottero’s son Donovan James, Zena Tracey’s son Ryan.

Sarah Pasternak ’17 married Sean McGinn ’14 in June 2022

Dia Veneziano ’18 married Tucker Kitchengs ’16 in May 2022

Caitlin Osborn ’17 married Matthew Lynes in May 2022

Bride and groom with grandparents

Caitlin Osborn ’17 and husband Matthew Lynes (far right) with grandparents Frank and JoAnne McAdams ’84, ’87 MA, ’96 Ed.D.


  • Ann Pantano DiCarlo ’48
  • Nancy Castiglioni Sarcione ’49
  • Helen Ronca Antonelli ’50
  • Eileen Clancy Kearney ’50
  • Mary Barnasconi Hock ’53
  • Penelope Holloway Fitzgerald ’54
  • Rosemary Doyle Johnson ’54
  • Veronica Gorman Raidy ’54
  • Anna Mae Volk Saum ’54
  • Mary Ann McCamley Catherine ’55
  • Margaret Hannigan Leighton ’55
  • Joanne Young ’56
  • Elizabeth Greeley Loftus ’57
  • Eleanor Henry McCurley ’59
  • Anita Jafolla DeSantis ’60
  • Elizabeth Doherty Leonard ’61
  • Margaret Kropp Scully ’61
  • Mary Slater Meisner ’63
  • Elizabeth Abbott Quinn ’63
  • Marie Curran McHale ’64
  • Grace Magee Lewin ’65
  • Patricia Ann McAdams ’65
  • Frances Bastien McKenna ’65
  • Mary Alice Mansfield Carroll ’66
  • Jacqueline Rinaldi Altschuler ’67
  • Carol Peterman Cox ’67
  • Marita Donohue-Fisher ’67
  • Carol Pergolino Snowden ’67
  • Kathleen Mulhern Clark ’70
  • Patricia L. Coletti ’74
  • Rosemary McDade Barton ’77
  • Rosemarie Gallo ’81, ’92 M.A.
  • Patricia Johnson Clarke ’83
  • Loretta Jo Gothard ’83
  • Jacquelyn Mitchell ’84
  • Ellen Diefenbach Jackson ’87
  • Mary Jane Culbertson ’89
  • Stephen Armstrong ’90
  • Sarah Gillespie ’95
  • Carrie Leigh Kehoe-Ryan ’96
  • Carolyn R. Broomall ’97
  • Peter Orloski ’97
  • Katie Doerr Nissman ’02
  • Bettyrene Johnston O’Connor ’03
  • Clarice Sapp ’06
  • Richard K. Urey ’06
  • Marc Huppman ’10
  • Crystal Ann Shellington ’10

Family Members

Bonnie Haughey, daughter of Rhoda Melson McQuiston ’56

Robert Deckman, husband of Margaret Brennan Deckman ’60

Thomas J. Murphy, husband of Kathleen Dugan Murphy ’60

John W. McGowan, husband of Christine Mathieu McGowan ’62

Bryan Wert, husband of Rosemarie Sickora Wert ’66

Elizabeth Greeley Loftus ’57, sister of Judith Greeley French ’67

Kenneth J. Verostick, Sr., husband of Roberta Wright Verostick ’67

Helen Ronca Antonelli ’50, mother of Elena Antonelli Lavenduski ’75 and Susan Antonelli Morris ’79, aunt of Marcella Ronca Semon ’70 and Linda Gambone Roberto ’78, ’93 M.A., and grandmother of Sara Lavenduski ’10

Charles M. Healey, brother-in-law of Kathleen Gallagher Healey ’76

Carol Pergolino Snowden ’67, sister of Dyanne Pergolino Westerberg ’79

Rosemary McDade Barton ’77, sister of Joanne McDade Bonafiglia ’83 and Catherine McDade Dinoto ’93

Frederick Lloyd, husband of Jeanne Reddington Lloyd ’84

Patricia Ann McAdams ’65, sister-in-law of JoAnne McAdams ’84, ’87 M.A., ’96 Ed.D., and aunt of Jo Anne McAdams Osborn ’84 and Caitlin Osborn ’17

David Dempsey, husband of Marya DiTaddeo Dempsey ’86

Patricia Johnson Clarke ’83, sister of Margaret Johnson ’86, M.D.

Robert S. Yates, father of Robin Yates Burgoon ’95, Kristin Yates ’98, and Karin Yates ’99

Joseph Smola, father of Melissa Smola George ’00

Joseph P. Jones, father of Sarah Jones Seeman ’03

Carl H. Grashof III, stepfather of Debra L. Beam ’12, and grandfather of Kevin W. Beam ’15

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